The AS/EOP Grant funds are to be used to meet unusual educationally-related expenses that are incurred by regularly enrolled student members of the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). Eligibility criteria must be met in order to qualify for the grant. To be eligible, a student  must be an EOP member, enrolled at least half time, have need-based aid, and have had at least 50% of the subsidized loan dispersed. EOP follows the by-laws of the Associated Students of UCSB in this process.

To apply students need to make an appointment to see a counselor in the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP). During the appointment the counselor will review eligibility and application requirements. If eligible students will complete the application while with the EOP counselor. Appointments may be scheduled by calling (805) 893-4758 or stopping by the EOP front desk in the Student Resource Building, Suite 2210

Eligible expenses covered by the AS/EOP Grant

Only those costs that are in excess of the financial aid allowance for medical and dental expenses will be met by the AS/EOP Grant (e.g., eye glasses, medically necessary contact lenses, and other expenses not covered under the student health insurance plan).

(e.g., CBEST, GRE, GMAT, MCAT & LSAT) grants are available only after documentation has been submitted which indicates that a waiver of such a fee is not possible.

Grants to Offset Graduate/Professional Program Application Fees (with a maximum of five applications) will be granted only if the student can provide documentation that indicates that a waiver of such a fee is not possible or that it has been denied.

Grants to fund graduate preparatory exam (e.g., CBEST, GRE, GMAT, MCAT & LSAT), workshops and programs to help a student prepare for the exam.

(including laptops): Grants for textbooks and/or supplies related to the student’s attendance at UCSB are permitted in the event of lost, damaged or stolen. In all instances proof of items being lost, damaged or stolen (e.g. police report, Resident Assistant confirmation, landlord confirmation), proof of purchase, and course syllabus must be submitted. Students whose expenses for textbooks exceed the financial aid budgeted allowance will be referred to the Office of Financial Aid for additional consideration and submission of the "Student Request for Budget Increase."

Grants to fund expenses for attending academic and research conference and academic memberships. These students may also seek funding from other A.S. sources (including Finance and Business), if applicable.

Are available to meet transportation expenses incurred due to the death or severe illness of an immediate family member and/or for housing rental costs in the event of a financial emergency resulting from an eviction notice or evidence of other unusual and/or extenuating circumstances.

Pages 30-32 of the Associated Students Legal Code lists the criteria for the AS/EOP Grant.

The A.S. Legal Code  Eligibility Requirements