As student-run centers, the Cultural Resource Centers (CRCs) - comprised of the African-diasporic CRC (AdCRC), the American-Indian & Indigenous CRC (AIICRC), the Asian Resource Center (ARC), the Chicanx/Latinx CRC (CLCRC) and the Middle Eastern, North African, South Asian Resource Center (MENASARC) - pride themselves on being spaces where student leaders with heritages of culturally underrepresented communities are encouraged to assemble in the interest of bettering the representation and visibility of our communities on campus. In this light, we want to invite student leaders of any orgs that would be interested to complete the affiliation request form found on this webpage.

Become An Affiliated Org

The Educational Opportunity Program provides administrative support to the CRCs. As part of this support, we want to ensure the affiliation process across our CRCs remains accessible and transparent to all student leaders. Our affiliation process empowers student leaders who serve culturally underrepresented and marginalized communities to initiate, facilitate and promote the following through the CRCs:

  • Connection and collaboration with peers
  • Engagement with staff in the Division of Student Affairs
  • Development of culturally affirmative programming
  • Enhancement of cultural awareness around campus

Affiliation Request Form

Benefits of Affiliation

  • Priority reservation of the center for student organization meetings
  • Support with advertising and promoting outreach
  • Boost in visibility on campus through CRC signature events, website and Shoreline 

Requirements for Affiliation

At least one member of your OSL-registered Student Org must:

  • Attend the Cultural Resource Centers' Fall Open House (hosted annually by EOP)
  • Connect with a member of the CRC team