Professional photo of Makayla Wilson

Resident Hall Peer Mentor


Major(s) and minor(s):


If you are a first-generation and/or income-eligible student, what has your experience been like at UCSB?

My experience has been enriched due to EOP and the amount of resources and mentors that are offered. Because I am a student of color, first-gen, and come from a low income family, I felt heard amongst those in EOP and was able to seek the resources needed.

What would you like to share with students about your experience at UCSB.

UCSB is my home away from home where everyone is learning with each other. The constant support you feel makes the “typical college experience” more relaxed and rather worthwhile. The people you meet along the way will become your mentors and cheerleaders through the good and challenges that you may encounter.

Top tips for fellow students?

  • Choose your classes like a dating app. The more intrigued you are with a class the more successful and engaged you become
  • Don’t close any doors. Every challenge and every success is a lesson to apply later along your academic/social journey
  • Incorporate self-care in your everyday routine in order to prevent burnout
  • Stop by the Student Resource Building 2-3 times a week and see what’s going on or check in with your mentors

Best advice you've received that has helped you at UCSB?

Office hours are more than receiving help, but making connections. Staff love the opportunity to talk about themselves and their research. The more you pick their brain the more insight you have on a future job endeavor and/or career.

Why did you choose to be an EOP peer mentor?

EOP has changed my college life in ways I can’t even imagine and all my hope is to make the next generation feel the same as I did. There’s nothing like building a family away from your biological family, and that was key to my college journey.