Professional Photo of Katya Martinez

Office Coordinator


Office: 2nd Floor SRB, EOP Suite

About Me & Fun Facts:

Hello! My name is Katya Martinez, and I am EOP’s Office Coordinator! I graduated from UCSB in June of 2022 and received my B.A. with a double major in Sociology and Communication. As a student, I was a Resident Assistant at Tropicana Gardens, and was a Communication / Videographer Intern for the Food Security and Basic Needs Advising Center. 

Hometown: Firebaugh, CA 

Education: B.A. Sociology & Communication 

Interests & Specialties: First-generation students, Basic Needs Resources, Mental Health Awareness 

Approach to working with students:

Being empathetic and always having the student’s best interest in mind is extremely important to me when working with students. Every student is different and accommodating to their needs & specific situations will help them succeed in both their academic and personal lives!

Languages: English and Spanish

Why do I love working at EOP? 

I love working at EOP, because it is such an amazing resource for students!