peer mentor jessica m. in their eop polo

CLCRC / El Centro Peer Mentor


Major(s) and minor(s):

What has your experience as a 1st generation or low income student been like?
As a first generation student, studying at UCSB has made me extremely confident in my abilities as a student! As a first generation student, navigating university is a new territory for most of our families and it can be challenging to find the proper resources needed to succeed while at UCSB. Although I can definitely say that undergrad has been a challenge, I've learned that there are many people and organizations who are willing to help me get through it!

Top tips for students:
Be confident in your abilities as a student, you deserve your spot at UCSB and you are just as capable as your classmates! Do not be afraid to ask for help when you need it, there are plenty of people and organizations who want to help you succeed. Most importantly, always put your mental health first! Your health and mental wellbeing are much more valuable than your grades :)