Professional photo of Jacqueline Lopez

CLCRC / El Centro Peer Mentor


Major(s) and Minor(s):

Psychological and Brain Sciences major, Spanish and Applied Psychology minors

If you are a first-generation and/or income-eligible student, what has your experience been like at UCSB?

My experience during my first years was very difficult because of COVID. However, as I began seeking out for help through various departments such as the EOP department, PBS and Biology department, I was able to change my major and seek out the resources I needed to succeed. I finally know my future career path and I'm excited to continue pursuing it.

What would you like to share with students about your experience at UCSB?

UCSB is a beautiful campus. Take advantage of the resources and help there is available. Join clubs, work on campus, participate in research and make friends! Make the best of it as these years fly by fast.

Top tips for fellow students? 

Have a support system available as sometimes it does get hard here being independent. Study and set time aside for your assignments. Time management is your friend, make time to socialize and study.

Best advice you've received that has helped you at UCSB.

You put in what you get.

Why did you choose to be an EOP peer mentor?

I want to help other students who were struggling their first year as I was. It gets better!