Professional photo of Jack Rivas



Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

Education: UCSB undergrad and grad school Teacher Education & PACIFICA (Human Relations Institute when I attended for Counseling Psych Prog)

Interests & Specialties: First Gen Transition, academic advising, non traditional students, community engagement, working with marginalized communities.

Approach to working with students: Try to get them to see ALL the possibilities for getting the most out of their education, personal growth and development.

Languages: English and Spanish

Why do I love working at EOP? After 44 years as an academic advisor in L & S, being the liaison to EOP/STEP with L & S I have now come full circle as I have returned to my educational roots. I was in the very first cohort ever on the campus for peer mentors, it was started by EOP. 

What I can do for students? Make their transition smoother, increase the likelihood that they receive the best possible experience here at UCSB, open them to multiple perspectives on what their education can become.

Good day, I am Jack Rivas, the newest member of the UCSB EOP Counseling Team. I am a native to Santa Barbara but was an Air Force brat and traveled with my family's deployment to several places my first 10 years before settling back in Santa Barbara. I attended local schools and then at 24 came to UCSB to study Political Science, Sociology and Black Studies. Upon graduation I attended UCSB's Teaching Credential Program and later what is now Pacifica for Counseling Psych. I find that working for EOP allows me to be the best counselor, mentor, advisor that I can be due to our Holistic approach to serving students. If you ever have questions regarding your transition to UCSB, advising needs or how to get the best out of your education, I am here for you. I also helped develop and continue to be part of the teaching team for three courses; ED 20, ED 118 and the newest course I helped develop INT 20 (being taught Winter Qtr).

Previous to this job I was a Letters & Science advisor for several decades, working primarily with Student Athletes, EOP, DSP and First Generation students. Before that I coached and taught High School at Santa Barbara High School.

I have many varied interests including but not exclusively; Social Justice, issues related to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and improving our education systems, K-12 and higher education. My hobbies are; Music, Sports and learning as much as possible about the human condition.