Resident Hall Peer Mentor


Major(s) and Minor(s):

Sociology Major, Minors in Applied Psychology and Educational Studies

What would you like to share with students about your experience at UCSB?

I never took into consideration my mental heath until I arrived at UCSB. Getting the help I needed through what the school has to offer has helped me find the help I needed to succeed.

Top tips for fellow students? 

Self care is so important! Find something that helps you relax and unwind from everything going on.

Best advice you've received that has helped you at UCSB.

You are your biggest priority! Everything you do should make you happy and feel fulfilled.

Why did you choose to be an EOP peer mentor?

I chose to be a peer mentor because EOP has given me so much as a student. I was first introduced to EOP through their STEP program (shoutout 2019 STEPpers!) and it gave me such a great foundation and I felt much more confident in my capabilities. The counselors I met in the program and the staff from different departments have all helped me thrive as a student at UCSB beyond the program. I wanted to give back to a program that gave me so much.