Professional photo of Ada Chibueze

AdCRC Peer Mentor


Major(s) and minor(s):

Environmental Studies

What would you like to share with students about your experience at UCSB?

Definitely being a black student attending a PWI there have been moments of me questioning whether or not if I truly belong here on campus. While this sort of self-doubt can be difficult to push aside at times, having a great support group of both friends and mentors alike who you can turn to in times of difficulty can really make the difference. College is hard especially navigating in a new environment so drastically different from what you are used to, but having that one person to cheer you on in those moments of need has allowed me to overcome such mental hurdles and the reason why I'm entering my 3rd year here at UCSB even now.

Top tips for fellow students?

Heavily underrated study spots is the MCC and the cultural centers within the SRB , usually they are a lot less packed in comparison to the library and sometimes there's even free snacks as well!

Best advice you've received that has helped you at UCSB?

Be open to new experiences and take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way!

Why did you choose to be an EOP peer mentor?

EOP played a really important part within my 1st and 2nd years of being at UCSB. Because of the program I was introduced to opportunities across all disciplines that would have been unknown to me otherwise. This included research internships, the promotion of various mental and wellness support groups on campus, and even various financial support grants. Given this, I really wanted to pay it forward to the next group of future Guacho's coming through to campus and help them in the same way that EOP has with me during the last few years.