peer mentor laura in their eop polo

Lead Peer Mentor


Major(s) and minor(s):
Major: Sociology, Minor: Applied Psychology

What has your experience as a 1st generation or low income student been like?
As a low income and proud 1st generation college student I am not someone that has had the perfect college experience. I have run into issues of not feeling like I belong, financial burden, and imposter syndrome. It was through the knowledge and utilization of the resources given to me, however, that enabled me to come out of my adversities a more well-rounded and resilient individual.

What has your experience at UCSB been like?
My experience at UCSB has been one of immense growth. I have had the privilege of engaging with amazing mentors and have built a great network of support.

Top tips for students:
I would encourage my peers to have an open mind and take advantage of all the resources and opportunities that UCSB has to offer. Do not be afraid to put yourself out there, have fun and don't forget to take care of yourself mentally and physically.